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All our technicians have been trained and are”Certified.” They are fully aware of theĀ  Vehicle Safety Standards that apply to windshield and stationary glass retention because of the important role glass plays in the structural integrity of today’s vehicles.Glass Replacement

Our technicians duplicate the original equipment systems and methodology for replacement of glass to ensure exact restoration to original equipment manufacturer specifications. This attention to detail avoids costly problems caused by leaking and unsafe installations. Our Mission objective has always been “quality”, “cost effectiveness” and “customer service”. We feel we can offer exceptional service and be very competitive without compromising quality and customer safety. We are very proud of our reputation for honesty and integrity, and would like to have the opportunity to serve you and your customers. We would greatly appreciate your consideration of Kootenay Glass as a service provider.

There are many factors that may contribute to the breakage of a windshield that has been installed in a vehicle. Apart from the obvious impacts from projectiles during everyday driving, glass breaks differently based upon what the catalysts were that set the break in motion. We continually hear that a particular part has a stress crack and that is what is identified as the defect, however, in actuality this is an effect of another cause. Some of the things that may cause a windshield to break are: the types of adhesives used, Butyl, urethane, plus extensibility and durometer of these materials. The amount of adhesive used as well as what method of removal and replacement that has been used, full cut out versus the close cut procedure. This can cause mixing of chemicals raising the possibility of material incompatibility. The close cut technique can jeopardize the structural integrity of the installation due to the way the windshield’s adhesive is cut, leaving slices in the adhesive that remains on the pinchweld which then has new adhesive applied overtop but not sealing the slices.windowtint.jpg (56873 bytes)

The cleaners and primers are also a critical factor because they dictate whether the proper chemical linkup has been achieved between glass, adhesive, and or pinch weld. The shelf life of primers as well as chemical compatibility are a crucial element. The cleaners that are used can contaminate the surfaces to the point where they can destroy the bonding characteristics of the adhesives or primers, i.e. ammonia’s, alcohol, etc. There has been considerable evidence of primers and preps not being applied in the same areas on the glass as the adhesives. This subverts the whole bonding system for the windshield resulting in no or low adhesion allowing the vehicle to rack, thus causing the windshield to be stressed and broken. The manner a windshield is decked into a vehicle can also affect the life of a part. If the windshield is pushed down too tight to the pinchweld it may make contact with the steel and/or not allow for adequate adhesive to act as a cushion to protect the w/s from normal torques/stresses that exist in a vehicle as it moves over irregular surfaces, like roads. When windshields are exposed to the above mentioned conditions they naturally are more prone to break if there are other imperfections in the parts due to either manufacturing or improper handling, which may cause fissures or scallops, chips and other maladies that can compromise the integrity of the windshield, therefore manifesting itself as a break.


Chip Repair

Usually, as a result of the vibration of the movement of your vehicle and the rapid temperature change that the windshield is exposed to, the scored area can grow further than the original damage. Once the crack has grown excessively, and the damage is contaminated, the windshield should be completely replaced.

Some rock-damaged glass can be structurally bonded using repair systems. Certain conditions affecting the damage prior to the repair can adversely affect the cosmetic restoration of the damage. If the safe driving vision cannot be restored then your Auto Glass Tech Windshield Repair Technician will recommend a full replacement of the windshield.

Damage that penetrates through the windshield and can be felt on the inside of the windshield. Damage or crack that is contaminated with water repellent or other chemicals. Damage that is visibly contaminated with dirt. Damage in your acute driving vision. Long cracks that run through the acute driving vision area. Areas that have been repaired once before Your Auto Glass Replacement Specialists Our certified auto glass technicians use the latest technology in the industry to install original equipment auto glass in all makes and models of cars, trucks, campers and more. We guarantee all of our auto glass installations against leakage and faulty workmanship for as long as you own your car. Have your auto glass installed with experience, excellent workmanship and complete satisfaction.